Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

Bear Facts

  • Threatened by man and man’s activities.
  • Around 125,000 left in the wild.
  • Hunted for sport and caught from the wild to be used in the cruel practice of dancing bears.
  • Usually dark brown, but can vary from light cream to almost black.
  • Recognised by its prominent shoulder hump.
  • Known commonly as the ‘grizzly’ bear in North America.
  • Most widespread species found in North America, Canada, Alaska, northern Russia, Asia and Europe.
  • The Kodiak bear (Alaskan Grizzly) is the largest of the bear clan.
  • Extensive hunting has depleted the remaining populations.
  • Numbers decreased by 50% in 150 years.
  • Most populations CITES Appendix II with threatened populations Appendix I.